Battle of the High BG

     There I was, doing the 2am BG check, younger d-daughter was real high, “darn” I thought to my self, correct or wait a couple of hours. She had be dropping too far at night when we corrected, so I waited. She was trending down nicely according to CGM a couple of hours later. But by mid morning she was heading back up.     By lunch she had stabilized again close enough to range the correction in the dose was not that much. After lunch a few hours she was trending up like the space shuttle and no explanation why. She was not sick, her site looked good, her meals were not high carb and high fat. I had to go outside to finish some work, after finishing I came back inside. My wife told me she had ketones and the meter said high. Something was not right.

My wife and I debated on what to do, correction dose was next, but I wanted to use a syringe, being suspicious of the site. We opted for the needle, a full unit for the correction dose was given. We gave her a big bottle of water to drink to flush the ketones from her system.

About and hour and fifteen minutes later she had dropped from 600 plus to 90 or so, that could have not felt very good. Strange thing is, she never acted sick, lethargic or tired. She was fine, looked normal. I wonder how many families see children with diabetes and wonder what the “fuss is about”. I guess those people, who seem to be too numerous, should take a walk in someone else’s shoes for a while. I try to do that when interacting with people, its called compassion and empathy.

There was a guy a couple of thousand years ago that did the same thing, he said something to the like “treat others the way you want to be treated”. But then again at church I have to interact with some people who claim to be His followers and I hear the whispers about my kids and my cause. My guess is that He hears that too, so I don’t worry. Hypocrites are everywhere, I need only to worry about me so I’m compassionate, understanding and live by what I say.

About Tim

I'm a blogger that writes about Type 1 Diabetes. I do this because I have 3 daughters with Type 1. I also have a boy that does not, I would prefer he does NOT get diagnosed either. 3rd diagnosis October 2022
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  1. Acquafortis says:

    What do they say about your kids?

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