Way back when

Somewhere, somehow, life got real busy. Four kids and diabetes will do that. New jobs, kids now in high school, sports, friends, chorale singers, this little blog got squeezed to the back burner. Maybe it is time to say hello again, and tell a story, of days gone by.

It was the spring of 2008, and all was busy. New baby, only a year and a half after baby number two. We needed a break! Now I have to take a break from this blog post, because oldest daughter just got home, and I want to visit for a few minutes. I’ll be back. Now you see why I don’t blog like I use to…

After a long dismal week, it was time for our weekend away. We had planned on getting away on our anniversary. However, an unscrupulous co-worker inquired what the date was, and took that weekend off before I did. Don’t worry, karma wiped its butt with him to say the least. Ha ha ha!

Back to the story after that rabbit trail. It was Thursday or Friday and my parents arrived to take care of the kids. My mom commented that I did not look happy about going away. ”No mom, I’m burned out. Really bad”. That would only get worse post diabetes.

After a two hour drive, we arrived at our hotel. I collapsed on the bed. Heather snapped a picture of me. Sorry, that was pre-Facebook, so I have no idea where that picture is!

Little did we know how much life would change in about a year. We rested a bit, and then was out and about for a little R&R. Sometime that weekend, we ended up at Mackinaw Brewing Company. I met up with an old classmate I reconnected with on Facebook. Crap! This was the early days of Facebook for me. I forgot. He brought his new girlfriend with him. A few years later they would marry, and now they are really good friends. We still visiting breweries together.

Somehow, we relaxed, had fun and slept. It was a full nights sleep, restful and refreshing without being awaken by screaming babies, fussy toddles wanting a hug or a drink of water. We visited a lighthouse, (or two) made new friends took pictures and made memories before everything would be tainted by diabetes.

Here is a quote from Facebook, that inspired this little story telling time. I changed my profile picture and my type 1 friend Mike commented on it; this was my response. “Mike, that was me, spring of 2008. We took a long weekend in Traverse City. I believe the hotel was on the East Bay. That was a full year before I heard the words “your daughter has type 1 diabetes”. And that my friend, is how, we became friends. Now you know, the rest of the story…” Here is the picture.

A very tired me, in need of sleep and a haircut.

Good day.

I am a diabetes dad too.


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Article on Beyond Type One

Here is the link to the article about my T1 daughters; beautifully written by Ginger, a true T1 hero. Enjoy.

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