“punch drunk, and without bail”

Diabetes, type 1 diabetes that is, well, let’s just say the word conundrum fits just perfect. It might be the only thing perfect about T1D. I won’t take you through the exact etymology of the word, but the dictionary says “a confusing and difficult problem or question”. Throw in diabetes burn out, well that is a double conundrum. If I can use a phrase like that. Let me tell you a short little story.

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Life on the edge

I don’t blog like I once did, but life continues to evolve, change and get more complex. My d-daughters are now middle schoolers/teenagers. I cannot write like I did, because things become more complex, more private and just different. I don’t have the skill as many of the d-mom blogger who can write about the kids teenage years. So I guess this blog must evolve. Continue reading

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