No sleep for you!

I can just image the “Soup Nazi” morphing into the “Diabetes Nazi” and saying “no sleep for you”. My response would be “oh thanks, I’ve heard that one before”. Did I ever tell you that diabetes really sucks. It really really sucks when you have 2 little girls with non-functioning pancreases due to an autoimmune disease. It really suck because you get less sleep, among other things.

Last night before my wife and I went to bed, I grabbed the meters and went up stairs to do BG checks before we went to bed (11pm). My wife was asleep on the couch, so I got the checks out of the way so we could attempt a good nights sleep. It was not bad, Dkid 1 was 138 and dexi was steady and Dkid 2 was 301 but trending down. Cool, I’ll take that, my wife would correct at 2am if 301 had not dropped. But 45 minutes later, bam, dexi alarmed. I got out of bed and my older D-daughter was on her way down stairs.

I checked Dexi and 53 arrow angle down, finger poke was 59. “Dang”, I thought, “here are 3 glucose tabs for you, don’t use left hand to pick them up, I cleaned that one already”, I told her. Now it was after midnight, and I was a bit angry. I had her lay on couch with a blanket until she came back up. 20 minutes later she was heading back up, 120ish BG. So she went back to bed with a hug and kiss from me.

Then my wife did the 2am checks and D-kid 2 was low, 114 arrows straight down (301 at 11pm). To top it off Dkid 1 was dropping again. Diabetes sucks, it really does. My wife gets so little sleep, I hardly sleep the night through. We fight through it, we have 2. If we would have not done the BG checks it could have turned out bad. Again I tell you Diabetes Sucks.

About Tim

I'm a blogger that writes about Type 1 Diabetes. I do this because I have 3 daughters with Type 1. I also have a boy that does not, I would prefer he does NOT get diagnosed either. 3rd diagnosis October 2022
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  1. Nice Seinfeld references there. I'm a fan of that. But not of the no-sleep scenarios, of which I'm all too familiar with myself thanks to late night Highs and Lows that keep me up. Hope things stay balanced with your girls and you can get a little more sleep soon!

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