A walk on Lake Superior (Gitche Gumee)

     The wind had a cold briskness to it, felt rather odd for a summer day, but it was one of those times burned into my memory. The clouds were a bit dark, rain was coming for sure, this lake was famous for churning up storms. This did not look like a storm, but maybe a hard rain. As a child it was almost heart breaking, I wanted sun, so I could play and have fun. As I think back, this is fond memory, a moment in time, caught like a butterfly in the wind. Suspended so you can ponder on its (sight) and beauty.     It’s been many years since I walked that patch of Lake Superior, oh how I miss that place. It’s one of those places that does not disappoint. Quiet, calm and serinee its almost is too good to be true. I’m almost foolish to tell anyone, its such a good secret to keep. The fishing was so much fun, it was like they jumped out of the river into your pail. But on this day the fishing would have to wait with the pending rain.

On we walked keeping in mind how far camp was. The river split the camp ground off from the beach, so there was only one path back. My dad walked on a head, looking for stones to collect, I had my hand buired in my pockets. Looking back now I’m sure I pestered him with a million question and I’m sure he didn’t mind  too much. I looked to my left at the hill with the trees lining the top, I wanted to explore them. They looked so inviting. I knew the river was on the other side, the intrigue was unbearable for me.

I looked ahead to the west down the shore line, wondering what lay a head. I ask my dad “can we hike as far as we can see”, I’m sure he answered not today. Once again the intrigue was unbearable. So many things to do for a little boy with an “all too wild of imagination”. So many things to explore, so little time, and so little freedom to do them alone. Nonetheless, I had some freedom, I could be carefree because if I got out of sight, my name would be spoken loudly and authoritatively.

Now I come to the idea of being a carefree kid, my girls will not have as much freedom to be care free. I won’t as a parent, I can’t afford to because my girls health rely on my wife and I. If I ever get the change to take them to that patch of beach on Lake Gitche Gumee I’m sure it will be fun, but not as care free as I would like.

My wife and I will worry about infusion sites getting sand in them, cgm sensors falling off in the water, if its warm enough to swim. Carrying extra of everything since we would be hundred mile from a large city. I will try my hardest to make the trip up there, to the place I played as a child. I will go on a hunt for the old boat engine that is burred under a dune and gets uncovered if the winter winds blow in the right direction. We will explore down the shore as far as they want. It’s too bad beach erosion carried away the foundations to the Life Saving Station, I’m sure it would spark their curiosity like it did mine. We will fish from the river that Hemingway fished from, and they will have no idea who he was.

I will do my best to make it as carefree for them as I can, that’s what we do everyday as D-Parents. But that is all we can do, our best.

About Tim

I'm a blogger that writes about Type 1 Diabetes. I do this because I have 3 daughters with Type 1. I also have a boy that does not, I would prefer he does NOT get diagnosed either. 3rd diagnosis October 2022
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2 Responses to A walk on Lake Superior (Gitche Gumee)

  1. Acquafortis says:

    You are doing your best. Your children know that. So sometimes take time to have pride in what you are doing and drink to your health!

  2. Steven Lee says:

    Sounds every bit like a trip worth taking. Thank you so much for sharing.

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