Book of Grace

     When a child is stricken with a illness or disease of any kind, it grieves me more now than it use to. Now that I have two little girls with Juvenile Diabetes, I’m more sensitive to children’s illnesses. Something else that sinks my heart to the pit of my stomach is when I hear of a child’s passing. I’m torn with a dizzying thoughts that can’t be reconciled. It something I just can’t understand, even with all the Philosophy and Theology I’ve read, I just can’t put in some clean mental file folder and square it away. Which brings me to my few paragraphs on this subject I would like to pen for you.

    I just recently read another article of a young child with Juvenile Diabetes that passed, most in part to her disease. The worst nightmare of a T1 parent is a low blood sugar and a child at sleep. It has been phrased “Dead  in bed“, nocturnal hypoglycemia is the term used in an article I read that helped me understand the danger a little more closely. Now I won’t dig into the technical aspect of nocturnal hypoglycemia, other than I know many D-Parents check their children’s BG in the middle of the night. My wife is very set on doing checks at 11pm and 2am every night. We also have CGM’s for both of our girls which does a nice job trending the blood glucose, if it is heading up or down, or even level. But that is not really want I want to talk about in this article.

     After reading about this last child’s passing, I decided I would keep a book and record all their names and who they were. I will write it in pencil and keep it only for read from time to time, it is far to personal to share with anyone. I’m frankly too heart broken over this, but they must be remembered, even if it by some eccentric blogger like my self. I will add them as they are brought to my attention, I will scribe away with tears in my eyes. Perhaps If I’m called again to speak to a congressmen or person of some importance, I will show them the book without letting them read it. I will show them this disease, known as Juvenile Diabetes is no joke, it’s not something to take lightly. None of us can rest easy if they have it or have a child with it, or in some cases both.

     However, this book will have an final chapter, it will be written with tears of joy and not tears of grief, I will smile with joy and not have a frown from pain. It will be the end, the day they are cured, the death of Juvenile Diabetes. It will be a day that the many of us dare to dream of, walk to raise money, cry with our loved ones, one we pray for. This why we cry, this is why we walk, this is why we pray for a cure is a phrase I use from time to time. Yes this book of grace as I have called it will have a final chapter, the day we no longer worry of a low in the middle of the night. Yes, someday Juvenile Diabetes will have a final day, and that day I will cry with many of you. 



About Tim

I'm a blogger that writes about Type 1 Diabetes. I do this because I have 3 daughters with Type 1. I also have a boy that does not, I would prefer he does NOT get diagnosed either. 3rd diagnosis October 2022
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3 Responses to Book of Grace

  1. Jeff says:

    Another great post, Tim. Indeed, this is something we parents worry about.

  2. Love that you are honoring those this disease is taking. I will be crying with you…over the losses and one day, with joy, when the end has come to this blasted disease!

  3. I'm so glad both your kids have sensors. Only one of mine is allowed a sensor and she is only allowed it part-time (A box of 5 sensors every 3 months). I hate the rationing of medical equipment in our Country that says you have to be seriously sick to qualify.

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