Who Knows

It is predictably unpredictable. That to which I refer to is obvious: type 1 diabetes. Again, another night interrupted has given way to a day of an incoherent hollow shell of myself, wondering the aisle at a store looking at curtain with my wife. Asking me if I wanted to go, I said yes. A chance to spend time with my wife with no kids is not something you turn down. I must have looked like a hungover bum to most. Type 1 will do that to you.

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D-Dads Fails: yard waste with a low

There I was, looking down the tiger that is a low blood sugar. No meter, no CGM, no glucagon, no low snacks, nothing, nota, zilch, jack squat. Not good at all. What lead to this d-dad fail? Assumptions! Is that not the path to most failure? And that leads to the lack of planning, or in my case, I did not ask a simple question.


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