D-Dads Fails: yard waste with a low

There I was, looking down the tiger that is a low blood sugar. No meter, no CGM, no glucagon, no low snacks, nothing, nota, zilch, jack squat. Not good at all. What lead to this d-dad fail? Assumptions! Is that not the path to most failure? And that leads to the lack of planning, or in my case, I did not ask a simple question.


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Book review: Fit with Diabetes

In the landscape of diabetes and all that is related, many books have come along to help people and families live better lives while dealing with diabetes. Recently, I received an email asking for a book review of “Fit with Diabetes”. Reluctantly, I accepted the offer and somehow worked it into my schedule. I was not expecting anything too exciting or good. However, what I read was a beautifully written book, with the detail and information to help people live better with diabetes! Continue reading

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