A weekend away, Heading for the Hills:

It wasn’t at all what I expected, but then again much of life is exactly that. I got away for a weekend in the Hocking Hills of Ohio. I stayed there alone in a tiny cabin. Why alone? I needed a break from all the noise of life: diabetes, college, work, house remodel, and business; the list seems to go on forever. I needed to hide from the face of humanity. However, one thing I didn’t need a break from was writing. I’ve gotten so little lately; it was refreshing to finally get back to typing.

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Central Montcalm High School takes on Type 1:

10171755_320520581475152_3285464976577986161_nA special guest contributor wrote this post about the Central Montcalm High School Basketball Orange Out Game.  This game raised money for Type 1 Diabetes.  Many students, past and present have battled this disease as they walk the halls of this school.


“The effort that our community put into this event was amazing. From friends, and family members, to everyone who came to support us Continue reading

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