Central Montcalm High School takes on Type 1:

10171755_320520581475152_3285464976577986161_nA special guest contributor wrote this post about the Central Montcalm High School Basketball Orange Out Game.  This game raised money for Type 1 Diabetes.  Many students, past and present have battled this disease as they walk the halls of this school.


“The effort that our community put into this event was amazing. From friends, and family members, to everyone who came to support us at the game, it was overwhelming,” said Libby, freshman varsity basketball player for the Central Montcalm Hornets. Libby was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes several years ago, but does not let it keep her from playing the sport she loves most. Chase, junior at CMHS and a varsity basketball player, also fights diabetes.

The Type 1 Basketball Players being recognized.

The Type 1 Basketball Players being recognized.







10289928_320830534777490_5292138908255204584_nFriday night the Hornets hosted the Orange Out Game, and event made to raise money for JDRF, which is a major charitable organization dedicated to funding Type 1 Diabetes research. This isn’t the first Orange Out Game hosted by the Hornets, and it certainly won’t be the last as spectators poured through the doors dressed in orange, ready to support their team and the fight against Type 1 diabetes.



12715786_1129912290382365_1501712085474275819_nEach year the crowd gets larger, as well as the donations made and the money earned for research. Denise, mother of Libby, thoroughly enjoyed putting together this event. “It’s for a great cause, this is near and dear to my heart, and it was an emotional game for myself because of Libby. We couldn’t have made this happen without the help of our family and friends and the overwhelming generosity of our community. This isn’t just for Libby, but for all of the diabetics who are looking for a cure.”

Both the girls and the boys came out victorious, with the girls beating Chip Hills 64-25, and the boys winning 65-52.



10940574_885507614804262_2655523379095001955_nWriter Bio: This article was written by Rylee Davis, a 2015 graduate of Central Montcalm High School. She is currently attending Montcalm Community College and preparing to transfer to a larger University to get her bachelors in Business and Communications

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I'm a blogger that writes about Type 1 Diabetes. I do this because I have 3 daughters with Type 1. I also have a boy that does not, I would prefer he does NOT get diagnosed either. 3rd diagnosis October 2022
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  1. Shenika Keis says:

    great work there i am happy to see that there are certain community who are taking efforts to spread awareness on type 1 diabetes..
    keep up the good work all the best.

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