I’ve got nothing to say:



The title might strike you as a bit odd, but I tell you the truth, I have nothing to say.  What I mean is that I can’t put two sentences together and I don’t have a good answer why.  Therefore, I thought I’d talk about my inability to write a sentence.  Oh, by the way, it’s November; it is diabetes awareness month.  I think I just gave myself an idea maybe we’ll talk about that.

Why is November important to me?  There are several reasons: Thanksgiving, hockey in full swing, my oldest brothers birthday, the anniversary of asking my wife to marry me, and the month ends with me getting another year older.  That makes for a full month.  Maybe the biggest reason this month is important because it’s diabetes awareness month

I have to say that the last 6 years diabetes awareness month has dominated November for us.  The other things are important, but cranking the amp up to eleven for awareness is a priority.  When you have 2 young children that live every day with Type 1 Diabetes, it’s important.  It’s a chance to tap into the synergy created in the whole diabetes community during this month.

I saw a d-parent ask why November is diabetes awareness month.  I carefully explained to the rookie that it is Dr. Banting’s birthday, which is actually November 14th and world diabetes day.  Dr. Banting is the fine gentleman who discovered insulin.  You can read the story here; I won’t rehash the story because I’m a bit lazy.

Maybe I’m just burned out, maybe I’m just too busy with college, and maybe working a lot on top of everything has me off my blogging game.  No matter what it is, I cannot be off my diabetes dad game.  I just can’t because the other morning this happened.

12227212_10207069584870795_1058637276099601118_nRissa was 37 and Audi was in the 40’s.  Diabetes seemed to suck the energy out of the room.  So much for posting a book review that was supposed to post the night before.  Look at the post before this one if you want to read a real gem of a book.



I guess I can put two sentences together.  I wonder if Hemingway ever felt that way when he wrote for the Kansas Star, or was in Paris reading first copies of what would end up great classics.  I have no idea way I mentioned Hemingway other than I love his work and I saw some of his books on my dresser.  I do love his work so much.  Maybe that is what I need to do, read more, get my groove back again.  Reading all this business stuff for college is getting to me.

I think I just got my groove back folks; a glass of beer, or wine, and For Whom the Bell tolls beckons to me, and that might just do the trick.

Remember, November is diabetes awareness month, wear blue, and yell from your soapbox about diabetes.  It’s important, your voice matters, and as a collective, we can make a difference.  Happy Diabetes Awareness Month to all of you and let’s all give thanks for Dr. Banting and his discovery of insulin.



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I'm a blogger that writes about Type 1 Diabetes. I do this because I have 3 daughters with Type 1. I also have a boy that does not, I would prefer he does NOT get diagnosed either. 3rd diagnosis October 2022
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1 Response to I’ve got nothing to say:

  1. Joanne says:

    Sometimes I open up my blog because I feel like I have something to say, then nothing comes. Looks like you had quite a bit to say after all. Keep saying it.

    And Go Canucks!

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