Let them eat cheese cake

Yes you heard me! “Let them eat cheese cake” verbatim! The reference to Olivia De Berardinis art is unintentional at best, the shock value it adds to the statement is not. Please don’t google her name, please don’t get mentally side tracked, just immerse yourself in the shock of what I just said (typed).

     A person (PWD) or a child with type 1 diabetes (CWD) can eat anything. Oh yes, somethings will be kinder on the blood sugar spike. High fiber and high protein can help, HELP, key word in deconstructing or reconstructing, encoding or however you may read my sentences. HELP, but it won’t be the end all be all for even blood sugars. But from time to time, day to day, the two may help.  There maybe other foods that help, but no magic bullet. Remember Type 1 Diabetes means the (CWD/PWD) produces no insulin, so it must be administered to them, or by them in the correct amount to cover the carbs.

     Pizza is an unkind food for blood sugar numbers. I won’t tear into the gory details, but a combo bolus can help with that. Let them eat Pizza. Let them be kids, teens or adults having fun.

     I guess my point is: let them enjoy life, don’t let diabetes control them, control you as a parent. It may take a few months (years),(keep learning) to figure out how to do all the “tricks of the trade”. Come up with sensible measures while they are eating with other people. Plans, make them, make them flexible. I remember meeting a former insulin pump rep who had type 1 since his youth. That was the advice I got from him, let them be kids. Don’t keep them hooked up to the pump at the beach (unless they have a Pod). Just hook them back up and correct them. He said “look at me, I’m in my late 30 and have no health complications”. I thanked him. One golden moment I will remember.

     Let them eat cheese cake, pizza, candy and other junk food. Here is a key, moderation, just like you should with healthy kid. Please do promote a healthy diet and exercise. But a few treats here and there will not hurt anyone. I know, I have 2 children with diabetes and one healthy pancreas kid.


About Tim

I'm a blogger that writes about Type 1 Diabetes. I do this because I have 3 daughters with Type 1. I also have a boy that does not, I would prefer he does NOT get diagnosed either. 3rd diagnosis October 2022
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  1. Christina says:

    When I present the JDRF Kids walk to kids in elementary schools I show a video with an adorable child named Kendall. In the video she is 6. She is great at explaining all the things she has to do to stay healthy and (alive). In a part of the video Kendall tells the kids “I can eat cake and ice cream once in a while but healthy foods are better” At the end of the video I ask the students about what Kendall has to do everyday to stay healthy. The students say check blood sugars (the younger ones often say blood pressure) and take shots. I ask them if Kendall can do and eat everything they can do and 90 percent of them say yes. I follow up with just like them (the students) Kendall can eat everything they eat but like ALL people healthy foods are best but treats are ok too. I stress this point because all too often someone either tries to tell me that my D kids shouldn't eat a cupcake, brownie, Halloween candy, etc. I don't get angry – I just try to educate that my child CAN eat evething everyone else eats but really all of us should try our best to limit our sweets and junk food. It is a hard concept for people outside the D community to understand especially when most people outside the T1 D community only know about how people with T2 are told they shouldn't eat sweets. Education is the key to keeping us all healthy. Great post.

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