I’m excited:

Yes, the title says it all, I’m excited and there is a good reason. Tonight my wife and I will head out to dinner at a local brewery to meet up with Tim, the author of the d-dad blog William’s Life, and his girlfriend. He’s the only local d-blogger that I know of in my area. We’ve talked a lot about getting together, but life has gotten in the way.  So why has life gotten in the way? Let’s recount the story, let’s call it a tail of 2 Tim’s.

I don’t exactly know how Tim and I met via the diabetes online community, but he did join Dads Battling Diabetes.  We talked about getting together, but our lives were going through changes, I had a fourth child on the way and I’ll let you read Tim’s blog for his story. Nonetheless, through the changes, we kept in touch, reading each other’s blogs and both vowed to meet up.  He lives in the next town over so timing plays a role.

So much has happened in my life the last 2 years: new baby boy, shifting work schedule, going back to college, very painful loss to deal with, remodel disaster of near epic proportions, so much stress, so much work need I say anymore. Maybe I would have made the most terrible company the last 2 years.  I’m much more positive and upbeat, despite the chronic lack of sleep.


Tonight, it will be a great time. Pizza and beer at a local brewery will taste great. I hope I make a good first impression in person (that’s a mouth full), but I have reminded myself to use my ears more than my mouth tonight because I like to talk. Socrates said “know thyself”, or so Plato told us. This just seems unreal, a meet up with a local d-dad, d-blogger and beer connoisseur.  There’s only a handful of d-dad bloggers that I have found, and Tim lives a half hour away. I’m excited for tonight.


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School is in session:

The calendar has change and we’ve come to the time of year where the kids go back to school. For most families, this is done with less anxiety than a d-family. There’s the great unknown of diabetes, but luckily, my wife is more than a pro. The first day of school went off without a diabetes hitch. That’s a good thing, trust me.

11990529_10153679044031834_4321367642790490884_n (1)The girls are in 7th, 5th and 4th this year. Here’s the 1st day of school picture.  When we told scrunch that he’d have to go to school in a few years, he was unhappy (really was not his reaction, but it’s a funny picture and fits).  10325190_10206483497618980_5009672533484920041_n




I feel for all d-parents out there, I hear so many horror stories about schools and school nurses that make life hell for the students and the parents. It’s not right. Our school doesn’t have a nurse, it has a d-mom that’s a secretary. Specifically, she has two kids with Type 1 and a husband with Type 1. Let’s just say she does fine. The other secretary has a grandchild with Type 1 and has Type 2 herself. She does just fine too.  I can’t use their name obviously, but they are awesome.

I won’t write on about 504 plans, or how to build a relationship with the school.  Scott, a fellow d-dad blogger wrote a fantastic post at Arden’s Day, and I’ll let you read it yourself. Trust me, it is good and you need to read it! I repeat, read it!

I know the anxiety mill and that makes your stomach churn, and churn. I have good news, there are plenty of resources out there to turn to. You can check out a few post on my wife’s blog Sweet to the Soul (see blog roll), she doesn’t blog much (she has a little boy taking up her time) and my good friend Leighann at the D-mom blog. Also, the American Diabetes Association has a lot of great stuff on diabetes and schools. Let’s not forget Children with Diabetes website, it has an abundance of information to help with school and diabetes.

It’s that time of year again, school is in, and your child has diabetes. Plan, prepare, ask for help, and do your best, and remember, many others have gone through what you are dealing with. They’re all willing to help. Here’s to another year of school.



(PS, I’m still working on the post reflecting on our second diagnoses; it’s kind of deep, so it will take a little time to finish)

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