Hello my old friends:

Hello everyone, I’m working away to get this blog up and running again. In the next few weeks it should be done and the blog address will once again be bleedingfinger.com. I’ll post a summer recap and what I’ve been up to this summer. A lot has gone on, too much to tell you in a short post like this.

Life is fun, but busy right now having 4 kids and 2 with Type 1 Diabetes. Having a baby boy is fun, but lots of work. He’s 8 months now and likes to take my hats and chew on them. Its funny, but I have to wash them because they get soaked with drool. Yes, you just laughed at me, but that’s okay.

I wrote an article for Insulin Nation  on the Friends For Life Conference, put on by the Children With Diabetes website. It was a fun filled week; I would encourage everyone to go, there’s more than one to attend, so check out their site for times and locations.

Life is fun, summer was fun, despite having 2 girls with Type 1 Diabetes. Life is good even with going through one of the roughest times in my life this summer, life is still good. So glad to be able to connect with my readers again, old and new. I hope you’re all doing well. See you soon my friends.

yours truly


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