Mar 25

A watch that no longer tells time, A Poem:

The watch stopped

As time did that day

The hands have not moved in years

Each minute leading to its last was all too painful

Each clicked down to its own

Nothing mirrored the past

Nothing foretold what was to come

Only to remind of what was gone

Lost to the wind, lost to the waves

Now life has changed, Now life goes on

Now life is intertwined with a disease

Only memories of old, which are hard to recall

The old seems all so weird

I don’t sleep at night, only my legs hurt

They hurt from the walk upstairs in the middle of the night

The walk that never ends, The walk to check for disaster

The disease that like to cause disaster

The disease that takes 24 hour care

The disease that does not care

The disease that is a spiteful center stage

The disease that is a narcissist

The disease that started the day the watch stopped

Now I have a watch that does not tell time

A watch that reminds me of that day

Oh how ironic!

My watch, it stopped the day we took our daughter to the hospital nearly 5 years ago.

My watch, it stopped the day we took our daughter to the hospital nearly 5 years ago.




Mar 24

Great Lakes West JDRF Diabetes Summit:

The JDRF in Grand Rapids MI is putting on a Diabetes Summit, in downtown Grand Rapids. I’ll be there with my wife and kids. There is day camp for dkids and classes for the parents and a few good speakers. Here’s the link, so check it out. (you have to register)  PS I suggest the Twitter Hash Tag of #jdrfglw14



Jan 15

New test being deleloped for Celiac Disease:

There is positive news from researches at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute  in regards to testing for Celiac Disease. If you know anything about this disease it is very hard to test for, I’ve found this out first hand with my older d-daughter. Here’s the link to the article on Science Daily, I won’t rehash what they say, but its a good read. Take care and have a nice day.