Book review of Elle & Coach

12239503_10207117369225374_8844854823441742481_nElle and Coach is a splendid story of a girl and her dog written by Elle’s mother, Stefany Shaheen.  However, she’s no ordinary girl, and this is no ordinary dog.  Elle has had Type 1 Diabetes since age seven and Coach is a licensed and specially trained diabetes alert dog.  Elle&Coach is the riveting account of Elle’s diagnoses with diabetes and the subsequent struggles that followed.  This book is their family’s story and how Coach came into their life and changed it. Continue reading

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I’ve got nothing to say:



The title might strike you as a bit odd, but I tell you the truth, I have nothing to say.  What I mean is that I can’t put two sentences together and I don’t have a good answer why.  Therefore, I thought I’d talk about my inability to write a sentence.  Oh, by the way, it’s November; it is diabetes awareness month.  I think I just gave myself an idea maybe we’ll talk about that. Continue reading

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