Decision time:

A few nights back I was tired, the kids had gone to bed and I was trying to read my 8 chapters in my book for business ethics. I kept nodding off, over and over, maybe the reading was boring, quite possibly because I had read the same sort of stuff the first time (second time around) at college.  The last time in college I took religion and philosophy, so  I found the books somewhat familiar.  My wife was gone to some kind of home party thing and it was closing in on 10 pm; I went to bed.  That’s always the start of a diabetes story for a  d-parent.  Let me tell you about the decision time.

I grabbed the CGM and towed them to bed with me. Little-boy was sound asleep, that was good, CGM were telling a good tale, so I was sound asleep in minutes. However, my wife woke me up a half hour later. I fell back to sleep quickly after she ask me if I was keeping the CGM’s on my side of the bed. I keep them.

I slept pretty well until 1 am when nature made a collect call. Quickly I fell back to sleep after my bathroom encounter with the toilet. But, once again, diabetes played the villain, the antagonist, the great annoyance again.

I heard the Dexcom squawk loudly, I woke up pretty fast.  I raced upstairs and checked older DD’s BG.  50 something! I gave her some juice and went back downstairs.  After setting the glass back on the counter, the stinking microwave told me it was 4:17 am. I told the microwave off, it made me feel better.

However, the decision was two-fold,  reset my alarm for 6 am  or leave it at 5:30 am.  6 would give another half hour of sleep, but 5:30 would give me time to drink my coffee slowly and gobble my cereal down at a civil pace. I picked 5:30.

I got up, fired up the Keurig and made some Green Moutain dark roast and sipped away.  My day went pretty well. I felt about as rested as I could.  I was out the door by my magic time of 6:25.

I got home and the kids to wanted ride scooters and my wife had to hit the grocery store.  I fired the Keurig up again and made more Green Mountain.  We played outside until little-boy ate some gross crusty dirt, at least I hope it was dirt. While cleaning his mouth out he bit me a few times. Eighteen-month-olds do that, very well I might add.  I even fixed a hypo in the middle of all that.

All in a days work I guess.  The days goes better when you make the right call. Slowly sipping away at that coffee was a great call. Now I going to sip away at a couple of Brooklyn Lagers, slowly of course.


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Aetatis Suae :


I walked a long distance without my shoes

and I came to a meadow of wheat

on a rolling plain

It swayed in the gentle wind

and it flowed back and forth like

the bay near the sea

I visited as a boy


I stumbled upon a rock that was crying

I sat next to it beneath the sun

and pondered the day

after dusk had fallen, I walked on


I found a saint of old

he stood with his back to me

no answer he would give

I only grew more bitter


The forest I found

that I could not enter

for the trees hid the way

they gave me no reason

dejected I walked on


I came to the sea and it was cold

The clouds were gray

and the wind had a chill

A small purple flower

had sprung up through the rockssky-815205_640

and its name I knew not

I sat down beside it

on the hard rocks

and there,

by the sea,

I found solace.







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