Poem for Diabetes Awareness Month:

November is Diabetes Awareness Month.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month.

For Diabetes Awareness Month:

There I was staring at a test strip littered floor

They were everywhere, remind me of that day

The day everything changed

The day that normal went away

Everywhere I looked, I saw them here and there

They seemed to mock my plight

I climbed the stairs, my worn legs moved awkwardly slow

The path I had walked so many times

The same reason every time

A blood sugar to check for sure

Would this be high, would it be low

Maybe a bad site, who would know

Would I sleep at all this night

My child’s beautiful hair I see cover a pillow

I hope I don’t wake her from her sleep

So quite and peaceful she looks

This story repeats night after night, day after day

This disease never stops

The rude comments either

They read one article and they know more than me

I know, I keep my child alive, you don’t know, so shut up

I’m a d-parent, my struggle, my battle, my child’s disease

This is a disease that will never go away

Only the cure we all wait for will make it go away

I’m a d-parent, remember that well

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