Pod change at 3:45 am

It was another Friday night, I had went to bed around 1pm after I posted a new poem. About a half hour later I heard the beeping of a CGM. My wife was sound asleep so I jumped out of bed and check out the alarm. It was a high alarm for our younger d-daughter. She was really high, 400 something, so I corrected.  I can’t sleep well with that much insulin on board plus older d-daughter was running higher than I liked. I would stay up to keep an eye on both of them.

It was kind of boring, don’t have cable anymore so I can’t watch sports non-stop like I use to. So I read some blogs, websites, books, Facebook and Tweeted too. I keep checking in on the correction dose to see how that was going, and it was going well.

Around 3:30 I did the middle of the night check and found younger d-daughter had came down nicely. However, I found older at 487, her CGM was off by 100. “Crap!”, I thought. Not good. I checked her Pod and seen that she had tore it half off.  It was time to change a Pod, at 3:45 am. I first gave her a correction with shot to get her BG down ASAP.

I dragged out all the d-supplies to do the pod change and I knock something out of the d-cabinet. It was a box for a demo pod, and it had one in it. Idea! I’ll see if Audi would want to stick it on me.

After I finished her pod change I ask her if she wanted to put a pod on me. She got her normal big smile as she tapped on her chine with her finger. Ok she said half giggling. She pulled the adhesive backer off and stuck it on the back of my arm. I guess she woke up the next morning and told my wife and her sisters, “guess what I got to do?”. “I got to put a pod on daddy!”. Anything to make an almost 7 year old girl a little happier works for me. Pragmatic as heck I can be at times.

I was asleep when she got up, so my wife told me what she had said. I didn’t fall asleep til 5 or 5:30 that Saturday morning. I got up around 8:30. I stayed up to make sure no BG’s tanked, around five I must have felt safe going to sleep. They both woke up with great numbers, low 100’s and mid 100’s. After I got up and on my way out of the bathroom I caught the pod on the doorway, so I needed some more adhesive to keep it on.

I must say it was a weird sensation having that on my arm, I never really got over it either. I wore it a couple of days then took it off. It was a little on the bitter sweet side of things when I took it off. I felt like I had a small inkling of understanding, small being the keyword, but nonetheless I felt a weird indescribable sense of connection. I didn’t fell the high and lows or check my blood sugar, or feel the insulin shoot into my arm like they do. But something was there.

Maybe in my fatigue of 3 hours or less of sleep my mind put up some weird feeling that were not genuine. All I know is a little girl smiled at 3 something AM by putting a dummy pod on her dad. I’l take the smile, a smile through the pain of a 3:45 am pod change. It made the situation a little better. I’ll take the small victories if it makes them feel a little bit better.

My demo pod

My demo pod



6 thoughts on “Pod change at 3:45 am

  1. Night-time pod changes are the worst! Do you guys deal with post-pod highs? We always have to take bolus her between 0.25 to 0.50 units of insulin (depending on her pre-Pod change BG) once the new pod is on and hope for the best. I hate doing that at night but I find she will always go very high if I don’t. Curious if you deal with this as well?

    • We have post pod change highs, but she was already high. That seems like a good idea, bolus after a pod change, thanks for the idea and comment.

  2. If you have to deal with the unpleasantness of a middle of the night pod change, why not make it fun?

    Ripping off, or nearly ripping off a pod is not fun! It always makes me nervous if it doesn’t rip all the way off that I’ve damaged the cannula.

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