D-versaries 2 and 4: When lightning Strikes.

Every year the date comes, or dates I should say, the dates my girls where diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Those dates are only 10 days apart, serving as a reminder how life changed in a blink of an eye. It’s a reminder that lighting stuck twice. This was the fourth d-versary for Audi and today is the second for Rissa. But this year seems different than last year. I wonder what has changed.

A couple of days ago the girls were getting ready for school and Audi told everyone that Wednesday is Rissa d-anniversary (I shorten it a bit more). It seemed odd when she first said it but she is seven years old now. Plus the 1st was her d-aversary (yes it’s on April fools days not really funny).  I don’t really know what to take of it. Its left me a bit puzzled.

I wrote a long blog post called “Worried” but I never published it. It told of my worry and maybe my oldest worry over her being diagnosed. I rewrote and rewrote that post as the story changed and evolved. I guess checking her BG a few times and coming up 90s and 100s reduced those fears. But a problem still persists, her complaining about her stomach before bed.

The girl’s pediatric doctor stopped by one Sunday afternoon at my request. He is a personal friend and I though a random visit at home would be better than an office visit. Doc stopped by with his wife and we have a fun time catching up. They are almost like second parents because we spent so much time with them.

My oldest got talking with Doc and we managed to steer the conversation to her stomach. She opened up about what the symptoms were. Doc ask her if she was worried about getting diabetes like her sisters. She said no. He called me on his way home and said it was most likely irritable bowel and suggested a few things. But the story continues to evolve and now we are going to have a bunch of tests done because she continues to complain about her stomach, and always right before bed.

I don’t think it’s serious, but its worry nonetheless, I don’t what to see my girls sick or in pain. However, I think the emotional pain of d-versaries 2 and 4 is not as bad this year. I don’t have a real good explanation as to why other than it just is. Maybe time has helped, maybe the DOC (diabetes online community), maybe writing this blog and helping others, maybe going to Friends For Life in Orlando (seeing a bigger picture), maybe seeing our girls grow older is part.

It could be seeing a status update from a friend that her d-versary was a couple of days after Audi’s helped. My friend has battled diabetes 24 years, most of her life, because if memory serves me right she was diagnosed under a year old. Frankly she kicks the crap out of diabetes and is phenomenal writer too.

If I could bottle what has changed this year I would let all you newly diagnosed families drink it. But I’ll share this post with you instead. I do in large part write this blog for you folks, the newly diagnosed families that is. I know what you’re going through and I hope my sharing helps you. Maybe that is the answer, doing something to help others. Send me an email if you like, if your local we can catch a cup of coffee or a draft. My family and I would like to her your story and we’re here to listen.

The girls at Cabela's.

The girls at Cabela’s.





2 thoughts on “D-versaries 2 and 4: When lightning Strikes.

  1. We just reached the 7 month mark on our d-journey and reading other peoples blogs and knowing they are dealing with the same things has really helped me. I started blogging (www.ourlifewithd.com) shortly after Ryan’s dx and even if it only helps me right now I hope that somewhere down the road it will help someone else. Thank you for sharing your journey.

    • Thanks for reading.I’ll check out your blog. Im sure your blog has helped people even if they don’t leave comments on your blog. If you need anything you know where to reach my wife and I. God bless.

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